Meet the Team

Not many demigods survive to adulthood, but those that do are always committed to keeping Camp Half-Blood an active, magical, and amazing place for young heroes in training. Older demigod counselors come and go each year (personal quests and whatnot), but these are the amazing people you will be sure to meet this summer.


Crystal *definitely not Persephone*

Crystal Bobb-Semple, or Persephone (as she’s better known at Camp Half Blood), is our resident goddess and fearless leader, and the founder of Camp Half Blood and its parent company, Plato Learning. The favorite daughter of Demeter but a “camp mom” to many of our demigods, she loves kicking back with a good book, soaking in the sun on nature walks, cheering on both cabins in each week’s dodgeball championship, and wiping the dirt off many a camper’s face in front of the snack cornucopia. Her creativity and love of adventure help her to develop and execute the CHB storyline each year from start to finish, and her passion for cultivating artistry, imagination and leadership in kids makes her beloved by campers and staff alike. From strategizing creative ways to bring Odysseus’ journeys to life with the Quest Staff, to leading campers through the woods towards the oracle, to channeling the healing powers of Apollo to regenerate a limb lost in battle, Crystal is to thank (or blame) for the exhaustingly fun environment that is Camp Half-Blood.

Timothy Ling, Warrior Poet, General, Giver of Crisp High-Fives

Tim found Camp Half-Blood many moons ago in the year 2012. After years of having his wits and strength tested by relentless monster ambushes, he arrived on the border of camp bloodied, bruised, and breathless. Upon crossing the threshold into camp he was immediately claimed by his Goddess mother, Athena. Tim is now 23 and has dedicated his summers to training younger demigods what it means to be a hero. He strives to impart unto the next generation of heroes, all the skills required for venturing out into the unknown. Teaching them to grapple with destiny and carve out their own personal legends.

When the seasons demanded he leave Camp Half-Blood and rejoin the mortal world, Tim studied Business Administration and Economics at Hartwick college. He has trained in several martial arts, and finds serenity in Buddhist meditation practice as well as vinyasa yoga. While he is a devout Son of Athena, he often spends time hanging out with demigods from different parents. This summer he will be your guide, your friend, and your mentor.

Alex Tissiere, Director & Son of Hephaestus the lame god

Alex’s own Quest to Camp Half Blood started in his hometown of Richmond, VA, where he first discovered the magic of storytelling through theatre.  His thespian adventures led him to New York, where he graduated from NYU and embarked on an acting career in NYC (though he still hasn’t been to the 600th floor of the Empire State Building).  A former Counselor at Camp Half-Blood and a son of Hephaestus the lame god, Alex likes to get his hands dirty, in everything from crafting and building to getting outdoors for some hiking and rock-climbing.  And just as Hephaestus helped teach the arts the mankind, Alex developed at NYU a dual passion to bring his skills and experience in theatre and the arts to students and children of all ages.  From arts outreach programs at NYC public schools, to non-profit work with kids in Madagascar, to now helping create the magic of a Camp Half Blood Brooklyn summer, Alex is committed to providing kids with the same experiences that started him on his Quest in the first place.   He also happens to be committed to finding the best cheeseburger in all of New York (and the world), but that’s more of a side quest…

Jack O'Brien, Scout Master

Jack joined Camp Half-blood in 2012 when he learned he was the son of the war god Ares, and that this meant he carried a certain responsibility to his fellow siblings. With passionate interests in art and theater, Jack was determined to prove that Ares kids are not just bound by swords and shouting, but by a burning fire deep within us. Jack has tempered and controlled that fire through his teachings in stealth and potion making, and his countless quests into the unknown alongside some of Brooklyn's most courageous demigods. He moved on as a counselor of the Ares cabin to become a hunter of Artemis, where he could combine his combat knowledge with his love for nature, intelligence, and the ever-changing moon. He's as comfortable on the fields of battle as he is sitting on a blanket making jokes and eating chips. He now vigilantly watches over the park surrounding Camp Half-Blood as a first line of defense for the campgrounds, and as the informative link between the Demigods and the quests they will surely need to embark on during their time at camp. Jack has a deep respect for every demigod at camp and the individual role they play in our collective journey, and will continue to seek out the greatness that lies within each of our deep, burning fires of the heart.

Banji Aborisade, Man at Arms

Banji's Demi-God experience began on the battlefield of Atlanta, Georgia born a son of Ares and is known for his expertise in war and battle strategies. His journey then took him north to acquire his Bachelors of Fine Arts at Syracuse University. The cold Upstate terrain, and snow did not stop this Demi-God from venturing to Prospect Park to join his fellow soldiers in war and peace for many a summer. His ancient great sword the infamous "Child slayer" has led his cabin to many victories and is a force to be reckoned with. Once a counselor, Banji is now charged with creating a quest experience that will ensure the demigods have an amazing summer experience at Camp Half blood. He is up for the challenge.

Brittany Johnson, Linguistic Mystic

Brittany, a daughter of Dionysos (or Mr. D, as he's affectionately called by campers), always is ready to party and is always hip to the latest mortal and immortal gossip. This is why she's our official source for all the trouble-making that goes on over the summer, when the sun is out and - fortunately for us - the monsters are too. She serves as a quest guide, a trivia master, a weapon modification expert, and a part-time armor decorator (have you seen her gorgon shield?) when she is at camp, but can often be found wandering around the park alone, catching up with good guys and bad guys alike, keeping an ear out for evil plots or hybrid beasts that might be hatching right under our noses. Brittany's life outside of CHB isn't actually that different from her life in the summer, as she's taken up the family profession and now teaches Latin and Ancient Greek at a girl's prep school in Westchester. In her spare time, like her dad, she enjoys dancing terribly in Zumba classes, eating too much Mexican food, and watching plays and concerts across the city. She'll be directing her third show, a translation of Aristophanes' Knights, this coming fall, and will talk about it to anyone who will best not to ask.