Demigod training activities

As a demigod in training you have a lot to learn before you'll be ready to embark on a Quest. You will need much more than a sword to face every challenge that the fates will throw your way. At camp you will sharpen your mind, learn how to work together, and train hard.

How to Be a Hero

On our journey to becoming legendary, Demigod campers will engage in sword-training, armor forging, myth-crafting, storytelling, Olympic gaming, and Questing, all in service of discovering the Hero Inside.

Combat Classes
Upon arrival at Camp Half-Blood all Demigods are bestowed their very own short sword made of celestial foam and stygian duct tape (extremely lethal to monsters and harmless to ​humans). In sword class Demigods learn how to slash, parry, and work together to defeat any mythical foe. Study hard and train harder if you want to become the sword champion at the end of the week.

Greek Mythology Knowledge
Being a fierce demigod isn’t all about knowing how to handle a sword, and more often than not, a sharp mind is more powerful than a blade. The mind and the body must develop together for you to unlock your true potential as a camper here. Greek mythology and unit formation classes will be taught by Senior Counselors to sharpen their minds and prepare them for battle with monsters as well as the epic battle of wits; Olympic Trivia.

Forge Crafting
A demigod can only get by on health potions for so long. At Camp Half-Blood you’ll have the opportunity to create and decorate your own armor. From helmet to chest-plate, Demigods are encouraged to find their muse and tap into that creative side of the Greek arts. Shields and armor are often the canvases of beautiful artwork showcasing cabin pride. The finest of these are put on display at the end of the week in our Olympic showcase.

The Olympics
Through team games such as (but not limited to) Capture the Flag, Laestrygonian Dodgeball, Cabin vs Cabin sword battles, and Shield Design, demigods will learn how to work together in order to win. Here at Camp Half-Blood we firmly believe that through competition campers learn leadership skills, critical thinking, and communication abilities.

The Quest
A week at Camp Half-Blood isn’t complete without a Quest. Prospect Park is filled with magic, adventure, and danger. As Demigods it is our duty to protect it and by doing so protect all of New York City. But a Quest is only as good as the myth you build around it. At Camp Half-Blood you will unleash your inner hero, defeat monsters, solve puzzles, and save the day.


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