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For each week at Camp Half-Blood, all Demigod campers must pledge allegiance to one of the eight Olympian gods and goddesses listed below. Not to worry though, every cabin will participate in all camp training activities and adventures, so you’re not missing out on any of the action no matter your choice. But as you’ll see if you read on, each cabin has a unique set of traits that make them special: which one sounds like you? (P.S. If you’re still not sure after reading, the Hermes cabin always welcomes those Demigods who haven’t pledged another allegiance yet. Just watch your wallet around the true Hermes campers…)


    Inventors, schemers, visionaries and con artists – all children of this trickster god arrive on earth with the power of persuasion, and a natural capacity for mischief. They are inclined to create and are predisposed to the fields of art and technology. Hermes Cabin members are known to be loyal to those they love most (though they are hard to trust at first), despite their tendency to poke fun at their friends to get a rise out of them. Owing to their difficult relationship with their god parent, Hermes Cabin kids are fiercely independent, and are not likely to follow the crowd in any activity or decision without weighing its pros and cons. If your cabin’s flag has mysteriously disappeared, or you just can’t figure out a Sudoku puzzle, you can count on Hermes Cabin as a place to start (and probably finish) your search.


    Children of Poseidon, brothers and sisters of Percy himself, distinguish themselves in their physical and mental toughness and ability to remain loyal to their allies and beliefs in spite of any setback. This strength can backfire on them though, as they are seen by others as impetuous, stubborn and inflexible. Made more powerful around bodies of water and particularly adept at training and riding horses, children of Poseidon strike terror into the hearts of their foes, but also bolster the confidence of their longtime allies, like the Apollo Cabin. However, if you’re a son or daughter of Athena, you probably shouldn’t spend too much time around the Poseidon Cabin, as that might lead to an unexpected ambush. What can we say? Old grudges take a long time to die out at Camp Half Blood…


    Children of Hades come in all shapes and sizes, but are bonded together by their communal melancholia and dark senses of humor. Like their father, they are all good judges of character, and often take time to consider a decision as a group before making one, knowing that not all unfamiliar creatures are enemies and not all good-looking, tunic-clad youths are allies. Children of Hades know well the world that awaits us after all our life’s quests have been completed, and don’t fear an honorable death in battle (this is mostly because they have the power to revive their dead on quests...but still). All in all, Hades Cabin lives by Madeline L’Engle’s famous words, “Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light.” Look for members of Hades cabin if you need an impartial judge in a duel, or if you want to contact a cabin member who didn’t survive last week’s quest.


    Children of Hephaestus often have the perception of themselves as square pegs in round holes. With their chief traits being compassion and creativity, how could they fit in among the children of Ares and Athena? But this is just the humility of their god parent talking - without question, these are some of the most powerful demigods at camp. They are able to craft extra weapons for themselves to take on quests, and often design jewelry to give to goddesses they meet in the wilds of Prospect Park to bargain for extra powers. With the inventing power of Hermes and the craftsmanship of Athena, children of Hephaestus are already a threat to their enemies, but with their self-sacrificing natures and willingness to help those in need no matter the cost, they are also some of the best friends available at camp. Look for children of Hephaestus to help you build a new set of armor or teach you how to hold your shield correctly - they’re always ready to lend a hand.


    Fan favorites for the Olympic championship each week, and often seen doing extra training sessions together during lunch or free time, the word that comes to our mind when we think of Athena Cabin is discipline. Though they are often labeled “bossy” or “aggressive,” sons and daughters of Athena are just determined not to let their cabin or their camp down in any respect, and this means that they don’t have time to suffer fools. They use each minute of camp to prepare for their quest and their Olympic trials, whether that means quizzing each other on mythology trivia over lunch, or using the walk to and from camp in the morning to discuss the specifics of their prophecy. If camp happens to be attacked by a monstrous horde of enemies, Athena Cabin is where you might go to get a game plan of how and where to attack the enemy to exploit their weaknesses, along with a diagram and specific instructions for each battle unit. Honestly, we don’t know where we’d be without them (though Poseidon Cabin would never admit it).


    Is there anything the children of Apollo can’t do? If there is, we haven’t found it yet. Prolific archers and mesmerizing musicians, the children of the sun god burn bright with promise. Overachievers by nature, children of Apollo are constantly captivated by new interests and love attending electives so that they can add new skills to their ever-expanding skill sets. They have a talent for deciphering ambiguous prophecies or coded communication, and, when working together with their (somewhat difficult to wrangle) cousin cabin, the children of Hermes, can solve most any puzzle. Equipped with ultra-distilled healing potions on quests, children of Apollo often return to camp with no permanent injuries or deaths, an enviable feat. Any given day at camp, you might find the sons and daughters of Apollo having an impromptu jam session, writing an epic poem in the shade, taking revenge for a trick Hermes Cabin played on them the previous day, or keeping a watchful eye on their closest allies, the Artemis Cabin.


    The soft-spoken and mysterious sharp-shots of camp, the daughters and sons of Artemis are the cabin most at home out in the wilds of Prospect Park, and prefer to roam the dark pathways off of the Nethermead for monsters instead of competing against the other cabins in events they already know they’re going to win (*cough* footrace *cough*). Though members of Artemis Cabin may seem hard to get to know, it’s not because they don’t want new friends - they just don’t trust people right away. When you’ve been ambushed by the type of monsters these demigods have slain, you’d be wary of new faces too. Still, if you ask one of them nicely in sword circle or on a bathroom trip, they’d be happy to give you some helpful tips on stealth, camouflage and weaknesses of a wide variety of hybrid monsters you might encounter on a quest.


    It’s difficult to find something to say about the braggadocious and swag-tastic Ares Cabin that they haven’t already said about themselves. Camp Half Blood’s hand-to-hand combat experts and resident models in training, the sons and daughters of Ares are proud of their god parent and their long history of Olympic championships at camp. Quick to anger and slow to forgive, these brave, impassioned demigods are the first to rush into battle unarmed to save a captive friend and first to volunteer for dangerous scouting missions, but also first to boast about their exploits upon their return to camp, embellishing their stories with typical Ares Cabin flair. During free time at camp, you will find them at their extremes, either dueling in the grass or lying prone under their cabin tree, soaking in the sun. Don’t try to steal their spot in the snack line - you’ll regret it.

Cabin Group Photos

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