Calling all Demigods

The gods and goddesses have moved to America, but so have the monsters. Brooklyn is constantly under attack and we always end up right in the middle of the action. Camp Half-Blood needs you! Explore this page to learn more about what you'll be doing at camp to prepare for your own adventure.

Find out what being a demigod really means.

Click on one of the three portals to learn more about life as a demigod, camp activities, and how you can prepare for this summer.

Explore our World

We got our hands on some Hephaestus created cameras which give you a view of camp that the myst can't disrupt. Check out this page if you want to see what we do at camp up close and personal!

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Cabin Groups

At Camp Half-Blood Brooklyn you will be claimed by one of the Olympic gods or goddesses. These groups are called cabins and if you're looking for more information about the different groups, look no further. We have you covered in this section.

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Training Guide

A field manual for demigods of any and all cabins. Need tips on how to spot a monster? Looking for exercises to help your sword-fighting ability? Want to learn more about how to build your own armor? Click here!

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